Tinariwen, Village Underground, March 7th

It’s a feeling down there at the bottom of your spine. Low slung. Bass. Guitar. Vocals. Always moving. Always circling. Always moving at the same tempo. Round and round. Over and over. Creating webs in your head but always moving your hips. You can hang to Tinariwen. Imagine your spinal cord dangling from the ceiling and the groove putting a bounce in your knees. And very slowly it gets bigger and bigger and better and better. This is serious music but it’s also celebratory. It’s music for worship. Worshipping life. Worshipping tradition. There is something about this groove that tells you it has been going on for centuries. On and on. Over and over. It moves you. It moves you in every sense of the word. It moves every sinew and every nerve ending. And it keeps moving you. Long after you’ve left the building. And it rocks. It rocks hard. Deep within your soul.

“Ca va?” singer Abdallah Ag Alhousseini keeps asking. “OK?”

Oh yes.


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