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Major Lazer & Walshy Fire Present SUNS OF DUB (Official Mixtape)

This is magic next generation dub courtesy of Walshy Fire of Major Lazer but featuring tracks from JA roots crew Suns of Dub. Look out for Addis Pablo’s album In My Father’s House, which comes out March 31st. From available previews it sounds like a perfect 21st century update of his father’s vibes.

Ras Jammy on the mix: “So the 31 songs you see on the mixed tape, that is just a tip.┬áThe mixed tape is like a preview of what we have to offer as Suns of Dub.”

Features Addis Pablo, Ras Jammy & the Suns of Dub the new generation of Rockers International. A mix of Dub, Reggae, DnB, EDM and many different Dub-Influenced Genres. This Mixtape includes a range of new, originals & remixes w/ Chronixx, Bob Marley, Major Lazer, Queen Omega, Zebulun, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Earl Sixteen & more

1. Vybz wa yuh Feel – Suns of Dub & El Toro
2. Babylon Dubbing Down – Kelissa (Suns of Dub Mix)
3. Do it – Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
4. Sound Boy Dub – Simonese Iyata (Rastafari Rise Riddim)
5. Real Dub – Kabaka Pyramid (Rastafari Rise Riddim)
6. Amsterdam Interview Interlude – Suns of Dub
7. Fall in Love (feat. Addis Pablo) – Slum Village (Suns of Dub Mix)
8. Amsterdam Interview Interlude – Suns of Dub
9. Hot Steppa DubMIx (feat. Chronixx & Green Lion Crew) – Suns of Dub
10. Wall Street (Get Free) – Chronixx (Suns of Dub Mix)
11. Wait in Vain (feat. Addis Pablo) – Bob Marley (Suns of Dub Mix)
12. Dub CInderella – Protoje (Cinderella in Black Riddim)
13. Weeping (Ganja) Dub – Kabaka Pyramid (Suns of Dub & Bek Susertz)
14. Zion I Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) – Adam Prescott & Suns of Dub
15. My Name Dub – Kabaka Pyramid & Augustus Pablo (Havendale Rock)
16. DubTron – Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
17. Touch the Road Dub – Luciano (Suns of Dub Mix)
18. Music Like Herb Interview Interlude – Ras Jammy
19. Lavantille Uprising (feat. Derron & TesfaZion) – Suns of Dub (Journey to Port of Spain)
20. Rastafari & Augustus Pablo in Music Interlude – Addis Pablo
21. Inna de Dub – Addis Pablo & Suns of Dub
22. Mountain Peak (feat. Machet) – Addis Pablo
23. Far I (Send Out) – Suns of Dub
24. New Dub – Jah 9 & Addis Pablo (Call of the Righteous)
25. Welcome to Trinidad (feat. Derron) – Suns of Dub
26. Alpha Omega (feat. Augustus Pablo) – Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
27. Freedom Fighters Dub (feat. Earl Sixteen) – Suns of Dub
28. Rat Race Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) – Randy Valentine
29. Life as a Soldier – Queen Omega (The Journey to Baltimore)
30. Concrete Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) – Zebulun (Suns of Dub)
31. No Woman No Dub – Bob Marley (Suns of Dub Mix)


Yaadcore: Hail Ras Tafari Vol. 1 #TribeOfJudah

And here’s the first part – cos I like doing things ass about tit. Nice nyahbinghi start… some of the best grooves I ever heard came from some nyahbinghi warriors at the beautiful Fi Wi Sinting festival in Portland, Jamaica. That was pretty much musical heaven for me right there.

“Older reggae is a must, as always, because it is the root of the Rasta culture, spreading Ras Tafari’s message through music. Can’t leave out the foundation,” says the man like Yaadcore A.K.A. Rory Cha. “The use of the Nyahbinghi vibration is to give the essence of real worship as opposed to just listening to mainstream reggae because it is a popular song.”


1. Intro
2. Rastafari Elders – Jah Is I Shepherd
3. Rastafari Elders – King’s Highway
4. Burning Spear – Hail H.I.M
5. Israel Vibrations – Jah Time Has Come
6. Sergent Pepper – Jah Jah A Martial Dub
7. Jah Shaka – All Things
8. Jah Shaka – Giver Of Life
9. Natural Ites – Picture On The Wall
10. H.I.M – 1963 UN Speech
11. Bob Marley – War
12. Don Carlos – Jah Jah Hear My Plea
13. Black Uhuru – I Love King Selassie
14. Midnite – Negus I Rastafari
15. Garnett Silk – Silk Chant
16. Midnite – Rule The Time
17. Jah 9 – New Name
18. Midnite – Selassie I Say
19. Protoje – Hail Ras Tafari
20. Sizzla – Praise Ye Jah
21. Jah Cure – I’m On My Way
22. Daweh Congo – God A Bless
23. Sanchez – Praise Him
24. Luciano – It’s Me Again Jah
25. Mark Wonder – Jah Love Is So Amazing
26.Vivian Jones – Chant Rastafari
27. Garnett Silk – Kingly Character
28. Jah 9 – Reverence
29. Iba Mahr – Great Is H.I.M
30. Chronixx, Protoje, Sizzla, Kabaka Pyramid – Selassie Souljah

Yaadcore: Hail Ras Tafari Vol.2 #TheCoroNation

Yaadcore might just be the best Jamaican roots DJ around right now. Best I can find anyway. Any other suggestions gratefully received.


1.Bob Marley – Teaching
2.Dezarie – Hail Jah
3.Midnite – Praise Jah
4.Midnite – Rasta Man Stand
5.Dezarie – Jah Throne
6.Stephen Marley ft. Ziggy Marley – The Chapel
7.Macka B – Rasta Soldiers
8.Marlon Asher – Child Of Jah
9.Chronixx – Alpha & Omega
10.I-Mitri – Jah Jah Bless
11.Bob Marley – Jah Live
12.Bunny Wailer – Love Fire
13.Hugh Mundell – Oh How I Love H.I.M
14.Lopez Walker – New Garden 12″
15.Barrington Levy – Praise H.I.M
16.Dennis Brown – Children Of Israel 12″
17.Dennis Brown – The Prophet Rides
18.Reggae Regulars – Check For H.I.M
19.Black Uhuru – Utterance
20.Dadawah – The Lion Sleeps